Applied and Waiting for a Hearing?

The average wait time for a hearing to be scheduled at the Albany, NY Hearings Office is more than 12 months. A denial at the initial level is often due to missing medical records or failure to obtain opinions from your treating medical providers. I can review your hearing file to determine what happened at the initial level that caused a denial. A hearing is held in front of an Administrative Law Judge and can be a very intimidating experience. I am an attorney with over 25 years experience representing claimants at the Albany, NY Hearings Office. I am familiar with all the procedures at the Albany, NY Hearings Office and have experience appearing before each of the judges. I will collect the medical records that support your claim and prepare you for the questions that the judge will ask at the hearing. If you are experiencing dire financial problems due to the lengthy wait, I can request an expedited hearing on your behalf in some instances. Call me today at (518) 456-3579 to see how I can help you win your claim for social security disability benefits.